Women Lead in Weld County

It’s about women making a difference in the community. Recognizing those who are giving a hand up by providing hope, engagement, and inclusion in the community through their leadership efforts. This month W2W recognizes Rev. Barbara Bue (Barb) for her work in Weld County.

Rev. Barb is the Co-Spiritual Leader of New Thought Northern Colorado Center for Spiritual Living. Barb is one of the first female ministers in Weld County. After high school, Barb left Colorado, finding a career at FedEx in L.A. after spending time in Washington D.C. Barb discovered the many false illusions and stereotypes that many individuals have with poverty. Barb states, one of the disillusions of poverty are “people want to be poor”. She found during her time in California that is not the case. Barb believes, “No one wants to be poor”

Reverend Barbara Bue
Reverend Barbara Bue

Counting Our Blessings

Barb shared a story about a man who truly felt lucky to be alive. A man in his late twenties who worked for Barb, who she felt had great leadership potential tried to encourage him to go into the management program. He turned her down. She kept probing and one day he told her “I am lucky to be alive. Many individuals where I grew up don’t make it to my age. I just want to raise my son.” She admits at the time she didn’t get it. Now looking back she says, she understands. Where and how he grew up, kept his worldviews small. A systemic problem, Barb refers to. We can’t end poverty with the same thinking we have in the past. Poverty is not a number. One cannot get out of poverty just by working harder. Barb, notes some of the poorest people she knows or once poor are some of the hardest working people she knows.

Finding her path and filling her purpose, Barb found herself answering her calling. She attended ministerial school and returned to Colorado. Finding her home in Greeley, a “loving, caring community of people who are doing good things”…

Why W2W?
Barb stated, “I love that women are supporting women. Women used to support each other and then along the way women started competing with each other. W2W doesn’t feel like a charity. The efforts of W2W are asking how this is going to help women and change their life. I am a big believer in cooperation, not competition. Women need to support each other and work with men and others who get it.”