The Annual Women2Women 100x$100×100 Fundraising Campaign

The Annual Women2Women 100x$100×100 Fundraising Campaign

What is the problem?
Imagine being faced with a decision…keeping the utilities on to keep your family comfortable, or paying for gas for the family vehicle and replacing worn tires, or having the urgent need for an air conditioning unit installed in your apartment window because heat makes your medical condition unbearable. Many of us are fortunate enough to have the resources to pay for our needs and we don’t have to ask friends or family or strangers to step in to help. But what if you didn’t have financial support? Who would you turn to?

Thanks To You More Than 1,400 Weld County Women Have Been Helped
During the last year W2W has had 204 requests for assistance, bringing the total number of women helped in ten years to over 1,400. These women have been referred to us by other non-profits we partner with; like United Way of Weld County, North Range Behavioral Health, Guadalupe Center, and 47 other agencies. We’ve paid for auto repairs, prescription eye wear, utility bills, dental work, housing deposits, medical care and more, for women in need. And 100% of all funds you’ve donated have gone directly to these grants. The money donated has been paid to local vendors and service providers, resulting in a positive economic local impact.

But More Women Need Our Help
Back in 2009 when 10 women asked 10 friends to give $100, Women2Women raised $10,000 and immediately starting giving a “hand up” to women in need of financial assistance. But, as the years have passed, housing needs, car repairs, schooling expenses, health and wellness expenses, and food have all seen price increases. The women we help are sometimes just a payment away from disaster. We are dedicated to helping those women with a “hand up” instead of a handout.

250 Women X $100 X 100 Days
For ten year’s one of our most important sources of funding has been through the 100 Women x $100 x 100 Days fundraising drive. Last year we went bigger and raised over $22,000.  We’re asking you to donate $100 within the next 100 days to help us help these women. But we’re also asking you to tell a friend. Or two. Or three! We hope that YOU will choose to support us during our fundraising campaign. The larger our “Purse” grows, the more women we can help. Our goal this year is to raise $25,000. That is just 250 women giving $100 by Dec. 31st. Will you help with a one-time or monthly donation? Please join us to help continue to offer one-time financial assistance to women in crises.

It is easy to donate. Just put your check in the enclosed envelope. Or make a secure online donation by credit card or PayPal.

Thank you for supporting Women2Women!

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Wing Shack W2W Community Night

THANK YOU Wing Shack!

The Community Night event held Thursday, November 30th at the West Wing Shack, 1815 65th Avenue was a great success!

We raised $782.58 for Women2Women from the 15% of proceeds that WingShack donated. The proceeds will enable us to help more women in Weld County. We’re very grateful to Wing Shack for hosting the event and for their help setting up a display table for W2W.

Women2Women’s Kristi, Liz, Sarah, and Jenna were there for 3 hours! Former Board member Kay Fortner came and sat also. Kristi and Liz wore their W2W pink “Cookin'” aprons and one of the male staff offered to buy one—he liked it! Lots of teenagers, young families and folks filled the place.

Thanks again to 65th Avenue Wing Shack for a hugely successful event!

1815 65th Avenue, Greeley (970) 356-4651
1815 65th Avenue, Greeley (970) 356-4651

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WeldWerks Brewing Company Supports Women2Women

WeldWerks Brewing Company received the most sampling tokens at their tent during the 2016 Gnarly Barley Brew fest held at the The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. For receiving the most sampling tokens, Gnarly Barley and Weldwerks Brewing will donate $500 to Weld Women2Women.

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Women Lead in Weld County

It’s about women making a difference in the community. Recognizing those who are giving a hand up by providing hope, engagement, and inclusion in the community through their leadership efforts. This month W2W recognizes Rev. Barbara Bue (Barb) for her work in Weld County.

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