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Give a Hand Up

Your donation helps women in crises while investing back into our Weld County economy.

Consider a donation in honor of someone who helped you during a tough time!

How we help Weld County

Women2Women pays assistance directly to local vendors and service providers resulting in a positive local economic impact.

We always work with other non-profit agencies in Weld County to fill the gaps that federal, state, and other support programs cannot supply or cannot process fast enough. We have provided one-time assistance (up to $750) for car and home repairs, rent and moving expenses, medical costs, and more.

The Power of a Hand Up

Our 100th recipient was a mother of 3 children under the age of 8; her youngest son had been at Children’s Hospital for two months following his seventh brain surgery.
She and her husband had done a good job of keeping up with most of their regular bills and the extra medical expenses from their son’s surgeries, but they had fallen behind on their water bill.
The City of Greeley had notified the family that their water would be disconnected the next day when United Way of Weld County referred them to Women2Women. W2W delivered a check on behalf of the family to the City of Greeley less than 24 hours later!

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Donate by check. Make your check payable to Women2Women and mail to:

P.O. Box 336962
Greeley, CO 80633