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16% in light pink above the text Poverty Rate in deep purple.
In Weld County, 16% of our community lives under the national poverty line. W2W gives hope for a better month ahead.

1 in 3 written in light pink with Domestic Violence in deep purple.
In Colorado, 33% of women experience domestic violence. W2W supports survivors as they start new.

18% in light pink with Surprise Medical Bills in deep purple.
In Weld County, 18% of our neighbors had surprise medical bills with 12% struggling to pay those health costs.

Our Mission

Weld Women to Women provides one-time financial assistance up to $750 to  women who live in Weld County. Our mission is to fill the gaps that federal, state, and other support programs cannot supply or cannot process fast enough. We pay vendors directly, which relieves the financial challenges women and families face and the debt local vendors and companies carry.

We have provided a hand-up for car and home repairs, rent and moving expenses, medical costs, and more. Your support helps us help the next Her in need

If you donate to Weld W2W, you are helping our entire community, including local businesses.

Our Impact

Here are a few stats about our work:

Requests by Age: We support women of all ages and generations

  • 40+ for women under age 20
  • 1,070 for women between 21-50
  • 523+ for women between 51-100

Requests by Ethnicity: we support women across our community

  • 750+ for white women
  • 40+ for African/American black women
  • 600+ for Latina women
  • 10+ Asian and Pacific Island women
  • 20+ for Native American and Indigenous Tribe women
  • Multiple requests for multi-ethinic and “other” identifying women

We passed the MILLION dollar mark in 2021, meaning we raised and dispersed over $1M for the Weld County community. In providing hand ups, we have helped over 2,100 women and families.

Board of Directors

How to Help

Local Businesses

We would love to work with your business to bring in donors and patrons. A portion of the business profits during the event period will go to helping women in need. You decide what portion and date work with your business! Contact us to get started.


Join our fundraising events! During the fundraising events, a portion of the sales profits will go to helping women in need. All you need to do is stop in and shop at the partner business to support our mission.

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