Why We Help Weld County

We are mothers, sisters, daughters, businesswomen, college students, retirees, stay-at-home moms and everything in between, with one goal in mind: To help women who can’t find immediate financial help anywhere else.

The Power of the Purse

We do not work directly with the women seeking assistance.  Applications are received through our partnering agencies only.  If you are already working with an agency, please check with them to see if they are a Women2Women partner.  If so, they will determine if you meet our criteria and can submit an application.
Use your Agency Referral information to log in to our Agency Portal.

Please contact us if you need more information on becoming a referring partner.

The power of the purse
We do not have an external application process because we receive referrals from local organizations that will try and help you first. If you are working with a partner agency then ask about Women2Women.

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We rely on three sources of support to fund our mission.

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How Many Women Have We Helped?

We passed the MILLION dollar mark in 2021, meaning we raised and dispersed over $1M for the Weld County community.

As of October 31st, 2023, we have assisted 2,355 women by investing $1,339,739 in Weld County businesses on their behalf.

~Board of Directors


Applicants must be a woman living in Weld County, Colorado for a least 6 months

Applicants must be referred by an agency with a 501(c)(3) status, church, school, or the judicial system of Weld County

Funding request does NOT contain costs for bail, legal fees for those charged with criminal acts, credit card bills, or funeral expenses.

Our Impact

Here are a few stats about our work:

Requests by Age: We support women of all ages and generations

  • 40+ for women under age 20
  • 1,070 for women between 21-50
  • 523+ for women between 51-100

Requests by Ethnicity: we support women across our community

  • 750+ for white women
  • 40+ for African/American black women
  • 600+ for Latina women
  • 10+ Asian and Pacific Island women
  • 20+ for Native American and Indigenous Tribe women
  • Multiple requests for multi-ethinic and “other” identifying women

How to Help


Give a Hand Up

If you donate to Weld W2W, you are helping our entire community, including local businesses.
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Our Financial Mission

The Power Of The Purse

The power of the purse

Our mission is to provide one-time financial assistance to women in Weld County. We do so with open hearts, a respect for the generosity of our donors and the privacy of our recipients, and a belief that we can make our community a better place through our actions and commitment.

Common Funding Requests

  • Medical Costs
  • Transportation needs
  • Childcare
  • Eye examinations & eyewear
  • Utilities
  • Rent and Security Deposits

Giving Back


When other local non-profits come across a woman with an immediate, one-time financial need that can’t be covered through any other source, they provide information to us. All requests are screened, and financial assistance is usually provided within 48 hours of the request.

All we ask in return for our assistance is that our recipients perform an act of kindness in return. No other organization helps women in need in this way, which is why other non-profits chose to partner with us – they know this kind of help is truly needed in Weld County.