About Women2Women

We are mothers, sisters, daughters, businesswomen, college students, retirees, stay-at-home moms and everything in between, with one goal in mind: To help women who can’t find immediate financial help anywhere else.

In 2009, a few organizations in Greeley were serving women’s financial needs but none provided immediate assistance. That same year, Women2Women Founder, Kay Broderius shared her idea of an organization that provided financial assistance to women in need with nine other Weld County women.

These ten women all agreed that an organization that could respond quickly to women’s immediate financial needs would be unique and Women2Women (W2W) was formed and received 501(c)(3) status. The first W2W fundraising effort was for each of the ten board members to ask ten friends for $100 in 100 days. Just 31 days later, $11,000 was raised and W2W was off and running.

The first assistance payment was given to a UNC Student who was graduating and in need of financial help with her utility bills. She had to give up one of her three jobs in order to complete her final semester and W2W’s assistance provided needed support for her and her young child.

Soon after, W2W began contacting other 501(c)(3) agencies and formed partnerships with United Way 211 and Northern Catholic Charities. Today, W2W partners with over 36 agencies and has an expanded service area from Greeley/Evans to a larger portion of Weld County.

Our Board of Directors

  • Jean Daviet , President
  • Liz Clark, VP
  • Karen Wainscott, Secretary
  • Verniece Thomas, Treasurer
  • Beckie Croissant, Board Member
  • Kristi Helzer, Board Member
  • Lauris Laue, Board Member
  • Kristi Rankin, Board Member
  • Helen Geile, Board Member
  • Tara Norris, Board Member
  • Hayley Blackburn, Board Member
  • Danielle Prochazka, Board Member
  • Caroline Grace, AmeriCorp Vista
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She survived domestic abuse and needs help starting over. Give a hand up to help her while supporting our Weld County economy.

Financial Assistance

When other local non-profits come across a woman with an immediate, one-time financial need that can’t be covered through any other source, they provide information to us. All requests are screened, and financial assistance is usually provided within 48 hours of the request.

All we ask in return for our assistance is that our recipients perform an act of kindness in return. No other organization helps women in need in this way, which is why other non-profits chose to partner with us – they know this kind of help is truly needed in Weld County.

Types of Funding Provided

  • Medical needs (disease and injury)
  • Transportation needs
  • Childcare
  • Eye examinations & eyewear
  • And more