Wing Shack W2W Community Night

Wing Shack

THANK YOU Wing Shack!

The Community Night event held Thursday, November 30th at the West Wing Shack, 1815 65th Avenue was a great success!

We raised $782.58 for Women2Women from the 15% of proceeds that WingShack donated. The proceeds will enable us to help more women in Weld County. We’re very grateful to Wing Shack for hosting the event and for their help setting up a display table for W2W.

Women2Women’s Kristi, Liz, Sarah, and Jenna were there for 3 hours! Former Board member Kay Fortner came and sat also. Kristi and Liz wore their W2W pink “Cookin'” aprons and one of the male staff offered to buy one—he liked it! Lots of teenagers, young families and folks filled the place.

Thanks again to 65th Avenue Wing Shack for a hugely successful event!

1815 65th Avenue, Greeley (970) 356-4651
1815 65th Avenue, Greeley (970) 356-4651