Can you believe that 1,035 women have been assisted financially by a nonprofit that started in a kitchen in 2009?

It’s true. Weld Women2Women started raising funds for Greeley-area women needing a helping hand in March 2009. So far $426,324 has been given to women in Weld County.

Having to ask for help can be a scary and difficult position for many. Women2Women has made it possible for women to apply for funds through one of 45 collaborating local agencies and quickly have their requests granted, often within 48 hours. The money is paid to the bill holder/vendor. All that is required of the recipient is they recognize this is a one-time gift, and that someday when they are able, they pass forward an unpaid act of kindness. It’s a simple as that.

To protect confidentiality, Women2Women doesn’t share the personal stories of its clients. But by listing a few of the items paid for, you can fill in the blanks. Car repairs, car tires, rent deposits, dental work, textbooks, stoves, beds, cribs, bus tickets and more have been supplied. We have helped women through a crisis, get to work, secure a job, care for their children, finish their education and more.

The annual fundraising “tradition” of 100 Women Giving $100 in 100 Days kicked off Sunday. In the beginning, 10 women sat around a table and agreed to each ask 10 of their friends to give $100 to the new nonprofit. In just over 31 days the goal of $10,000 was met and almost immediately funds were given to the first applicant — a single mom and college student who needed urgent financial assistance.

Our 100 x $100 theme for 2017 is “What’s Cookin’ in the Kitchen at W2W?” The recipe for success will be donations from our donors. We are certain our wonderful, caring community of Greeley and Weld County will provide the ingredients that again will contribute to this worthy nonprofit. Won’t you please help? Our goal is to raise $25,000 by Dec. 31, so we can continue meeting the needs of women in crisis in 2018.

You can learn more at or WeldW2W Facebook where you can contribute. You also can send a contribution to Weld Women2Women, PO Box 336962, Greeley, CO 80633.

Thank you for supporting this important organization.

— Patty Gates is president of Weld Women2Women; Kay Broderius is founder and administrative director.

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