Greeley Tribune: Weld Women2Women asking for help to be able to give a hand-up

Please reflect on your blessings and those who may not be so blessed. Assess your expenses and decide what you can share to help others. We know every dollar donated has a positive impact on another life plus blesses the giver. Did you know that people who share their gratitude lower their blood pressure, sleep more restfully, decrease levels of depression, and improve their relationships with others? This study is by University of Zurich psychology professor William Ruch.

As board members of Weld Women2Women (W2W), we are tasked with fundraising year-round. To help others we must raise money. Our founding members started W2W by each asking 10 of their friends to donate $100, and those friends also asked their circles to give.

So our “tradition” is to use the final 100 days of each year to seek out community members to donate to W2W. Our goal is to raise $25,000 so we can continue to help as many women as possible. We are only half way there at $11,775, so we need your help.

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WeldWerks Brewing Company Supports Women2Women

WeldWerks Brewing Company received the most sampling tokens at their tent during the 2016 Gnarly Barley Brew fest held at the The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. For receiving the most sampling tokens, Gnarly Barley and Weldwerks Brewing will donate $500 to Weld Women2Women.

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Women Lead in Weld County

It’s about women making a difference in the community. Recognizing those who are giving a hand up by providing hope, engagement, and inclusion in the community through their leadership efforts. This month W2W recognizes Rev. Barbara Bue (Barb) for her work in Weld County.

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